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The Platform Specialist for Data Management Solutions.
The leading independent Data Management Platform for Marketers & Publishers in Europe.
Who We Are
Since our founding and development of the leading European Data Management Platform, TheADEX has worked together with hundreds of marketers, agencies and publishers around Europe, always with compliance of the European and International data protection laws.
What We Do
We provide companies with the possibility to identify, collect, understand, cluster and activate consumer insights from all devices and channels, also comprising offline data channels. Our commitment is to build up a 360° view on the consumers so that our customers can tap into the potential of their data.
We Work For
We work together with our customers on the best collection, segmentation and activation strategies as our vision is that getting real value out of consumer data can only be achieved when technology and consultancy are harmonized. We believe that understanding the consumer means understanding the customer, therefore, we naturally live a company culture of agile and innovative customer focus.
Our Platform is running on one of the biggest BigData clusters in Europe, using modern network, computing and automation technologies.

The ADEX DMP is the brain of the digital marketing. It´s a self-hosted data technology solution for managing, activating, analyzing and collecting user data from various online and offline channels to achieve a more efficient way of digital marketing. Unlock unique customer behavior insights and maximize your marketing ROI with precise target group segmentation and a corresponding data transfer to the correct exchange depending on your individual needs. For the ADEX customer this means a better understanding of its users but also sustained improvement in customer loyalty and the growth and acquisition of new customers through an effective audience management.

Data Marketplace

DATANEXX is a separate product derived from The ADEX. The Idea is the sales of data that a customer can offer such as - segment based data, attribute data, etc. to other customers on a marketplace.

Customers will be provided with a possibility to apply a price for their segment and decide if they want to offer it publically or to specific customers.

Ad Verification

Batch is one of the leading European providers for ad verification – specializing in databased technologies for measurement and analysis of media inventory as well as performance optimization of digital media campaigns. Based on key aspects of ad verification batch gives deep and relevant insights about brand safety including individual blocking formats such as keywords, traffic lights, content categories and many more, fraud detection and prevention as well as viewability evaluation based on at least 30 different thresholds for each creative that has been tracked.